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An ostrich walked into a bar... 24.08.2019
A la prochain 24.08.2019
A Duckboat would have been a good option 22.08.2019
Animal Husbandry (Midwifery?) 18.08.2019
Does the Geek Squad make house calls to Guinea? 17.08.2019
Goat Brains 15.08.2019
On Jarama 13.08.2019
Time to build the ark? 13.08.2019
I didn’t know a lion was so tall 10.08.2019
Dreaming in Dakar 09.08.2019
500 CFA for $1 05.08.2019
Where's Walter? 18.07.2019
Blinding Flash of the Obvious: No Easy Answers 10.07.2019
Awesome ways to help 09.07.2019
Pretty sure Jesus likes his salsa hot 07.07.2019
Getting wrapped into Team Brownsville 07.07.2019
Love Action 05.07.2019
Helping Hands and Hearts 03.07.2019
Awesome ways to help 30.06.2019
Walk in their shoes-but be sure to bring your own shoelaces 30.06.2019
escreen 28.06.2019
Weeks packed into one day 27.06.2019
Arrived in Los Fresnos 26.06.2019