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If you are trying to figure out a way to be present for refugees and for the many, many children caught up in this, here are some really impactful ways to help based on what I am seeing here:

1. Of course: donate. Based on where I am and what I am seeing, I recommend Southwest Good Samaritan Ministries (http://swgsm.org/) (where I am working) or the Catholic Charities Respite Center in McAllen (https://www.catholiccharitiesrgv.org/Donations.aspx). I will probably come up with others, but can 100% guarantee that anything you send to either of these places will go straight to food, toilet paper, shoelaces, belts, bus tickets, medicine, etc., etc.

2. You could send supplies. You could do a 1-click Amazon order to either SWGSM or Catholic Charities, and these supplies will be used readily. Here is their Amazon wish list: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/JJVAJFS3VIIQ/ They need shoelaces, belts, toilet paper, wipes, feminine products, travel size soaps and anything that would make someone more comfortable on a very long bus ride. My guess is coloring books and crayons for children would be a huge win; some children's books in Spanish would be awesome, too.

3. Go find a place near you where these refugees are arriving. In Boston, we actually have an ICE detention center. Most people don't know that. Find where the actual people are and help them. They need food, spending money, help finding work (if they have permission), access to learning English. They need legal assistance. They need help not falling into dangerous situations. When you start digging, you will find that there are organizations that have things you can support. Get yourself close to people who need help. Learn about their lives. Have a meal with them.

4. Show up at a protest. Put a sign in your window. Wear a button of support. Pray, pray, pray.

I can't wear the wonderful sweatshirt mi hermanita gave me for Christmas (because it is H-O-T mucho calor here), but if I could I would wear it every day. It reads: ===Measure your life in love.=== Yes!

Posted by sarahglover44 18:26

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Sarah, all of this is amazing and this particular post is helpful for those who want to make an impact if only from a distance. Thank you!

by Brad Whitaker

Hey Sarah I'm so glad you started this blog -How long are you in RGV? I spent a ton of time there in my early days at JFF. Danny King is an extraordinary superintendent who had done amazing work in Pharr San Juan Alamo; and terrific things happening in the school districts right around there including a few years back Brownsville, Donna, and Harlingen. Also South Texas Community College is one of the most forward-thinking and terrific Community Colleges out there. It's been enough years that I probably can't hook you up directly to anybody, but I have friends at jff who definitely could - if you were interested in connecting with some awesome folks with multi-generational ties to the area who could give you a very informed inside scoop of what's been happening at the detention centers and immigration. Not to mention, there's a killer cantina in Pharr only locales go to they could hook you up with. ;)

by bekka

You are an angel and thank you for sharing all of this with us. I am proud to be your friend and thank you for giving us ideas on how to help. I am sure Denver must have a facility of sorts? Much love to you as you give your heart to others. xoxox

by erika

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